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Computer Science Program Overview

Computer Science & programming explores the fundamental concepts behind the C , C# C++, JAVA, PYTHON, RUBY languages. Students will create, modify and test the forms, scripts and code that tell computers what to do by exploring variables and constant, graphical user interfaces and any other required industry knowledge that enables one to write programs in any computer language. Any student can be successful with the language. The program is structured to support students in a collaborative setting where problem solving and attention to detail is cultivated. Student excitement is heightened when they are able to apply programming to write their own codes and understand how popular PC games, like Skyrim, are programmed.

STRIDE Programming Courses:

Programming with Python: Code with Python and build a website or a standalone application

SCRATCH Programming: Code with Scratch to create animation films, computer games, interactive art, video sensing projects

Programming with RubyOnRails: Code with RubyOnRails and build a website or a standalone application.

JAVA Programming: Code with Java and develop applications using Java programming tools.

Programming with C Sharp: Code with C# and build standalone applications.

Programming with C++: Code with C++ and build an application.

Programming with Objective C: Code with Objective C and build iOS apps.

Java Script Development: Code with JavaScript and build a highly interactive web site/web application

PHP Programming: Code with PHP and build a highly interactive web site/web application using PHP & JQuery.

Careers in Computer Science & Programming:

The following list is just a small taste of the possible positions that may be open to you as you move throughout your career. As you develop your skills and find your niche, you may discover your dream job fits into one of these categories, or you may move outside these boundaries; either way, Thinnox's objective is to help you find your way into a fulfilling career doing what you love.

• Content Developer

• Database Engineer

• Product Manager

• Dynamic Application Developer

• Software developer

• Computer programmer

• Systems developer

• Programming analyst

• Systems analyst

• Database administrator

• Web Application Developer

• Web Project Manager

• Web master