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Game Design & Development Program Overview

THINNOX offers a Game Design & Development program that takes into account al of above. It is broad in range and at the same time goes deep in coverage. For beginners the GDD Program starts with an in-depth coverage of the fundamental principles of Game Design & Development. For students that have mastered the fundamentals, GDD offers individual and team projects in different game genres starting with Arcade right into, Platformers, Role Play, 2D Strategy, Tactics, 3D FPS games, iPhone & X-BOX 360. For students looking for deep expertise in Programming THINNOX offers programming supplements in C#, C, C++, Flash, Visual Basic, Java. THINNOX GDD offers a unique, hands-on training experience that takes students through every step of the Game Development process, starting with the game concept and ending with a completed game title in the chosen genre. The emphasis of the course is four fold: a solid understanding of the principles of Game Design; supreme comfort in using various tools of trade, including the game engine within the chosen genre; thorough understanding of the game development or software development life cycle and lastly, understanding of the students' own potential as to how best you could contribute to the Game industry or how you could transfer game (software) design & development skills to other trades.

STRIDE Game Design and Development Courses:

Platform Game: Design a platform game; create game art, make a multi-level fully playable video game using Torque Game Builder and C programming.

Tactical Game Design a 3D tactical game using Unity Game engine and C programming; combine this course with 3D animation - create 3D game characters, 3D particle effects and 3D backgrounds using Maya / 3Ds Max.

2D RPG: Design a Role Playing game; create 2D game art using Photoshop, make a multi-level fully playable video game using RPG maker and Ruby programming.

3D FPS, Racing Design a 3D FPS game using Unreal Game Engine; combine this course with 3D animation - create 3D game characters, 3D special effects and 3D background using Maya.

3D Minecraft Game: Learn Java concepts and syntax to design, build and test Minecraft mods. Use your new skills to design custom levels, items, blocks and more all while enjoying the fun of working together as one team to create inter-connected communities and adventures! Learn the power of PROCESS; learn about tinkering, innovation and application to expand your world bringing in mods and widgets made by you into your community and adventure. Explore the skill of designing fun and excitement into a gaming experience.

Careers in Game Development & Programming:

The following list is just a small taste of the possible positions that may be open to you as you move throughout your career. As you develop your skills and find your niche, you may discover your dream job fits into one of these categories, or you may move outside these boundaries; either way, Thinnox's objective is to help you find your way into a fulfilling career doing what you love.

• Client Systems Engineer

• Console Programmer

• Game Designer

• Game Tester

• Graphic Engine Programmer

• Junior Programmer

• Lead Programmer

• Lead Server Programmer

• Level Designer

• Math - Physics Programmer

• Network - Multiplayer Programmer

• Senior Scripting Programmer

• Senior Tools Programmer

• Technical Director

• Tools Programmer