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Architecture & Interior Space Design Overview

Architecture and Interior Space Design is a preparatory program designed for students who have a passion for space and/or intend to pursue an education and career in Architecture and Design. This program introduces you to building design, and design presentation methods. It develops your artistic sensibilities through manual and digital design techniques. Through your hands-on involvement with several projects the program enables you to recognize what an architectural idea is and how it can be further developed and treated. In the studio, you become familiar with the techniques and concerns of designers by drawing, model making, and proposing designs for several projects. At the close of the program you are provided opportunities to display your work to a wider audience.

STRIDE Architecture and Interior Space Design Courses:

Arc Core DESIGN: Develop portfolio including 14 projects involving the fundamental elements and principles of Architecture & Design;

Key learning areas: Principles of Architecture; 3D Modelling; Google SketchUp; Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Green Sustainable Architecture: Design, draft, and build fully dimensioned futuristic & friendly green housing projects;

Key learning areas: Principles of Green Architecture; 3D Modelling; Adobe Illustrator, AutoCad

Building Monuments: Design, draft and build fully dimensioned architectural wonders of the world;

Key learning areas: Principles of Monumental Architecture; 3D Modelling; AutoCad, Adobe Illustrator

Interior Space Design Core: Develop portfolio including 3 interior space design projects for an urban condo, office space and community space.;

Key learning areas: Principles of Design; 3D Modelling; Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Careers in Architecture & Interior Space Design:

The following list is just a small taste of the possible positions that may be open to you as you move throughout your career. As you develop your skills and find your niche, you may discover your dream job fits into one of these categories, or you may move outside these boundaries; either way, Thinnox's objective is to help you find your way into a fulfilling career doing what you love.

• Civil Engineer

• Architects

• Interior Designer

• Space Designer

• Landscaping designer

• Urban planner

• Historic preservation

• Building designer

• Contractor

• Exhibit designer

• Regional planners

• Demographers

• Set Designer