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The University Reach Ahead Program addresses one of the toughest problems occupying the minds of students in Grades 11 and 12 that are hoping to advance their career prospects by joining a top of the line college or university program in the area they wish to build their career.

The program works in three easy steps. Students make a short list of the Top 5 Uni/College programs in their area of interest.

By developing an integrated body work in their chosen area they prepare an impactful portfolio and resume and also maximize extracurricular points taken into consideration at the time of university/college admission.

By identifying opportunities and building connections related to their portfolios they place themselves in a position of excellence during the admissions process.

Post admission, the University/College reach ahead program prepares students for the first year of university/college in selected subject areas, adding a multiplier boost to their chances of acing university/college.

Sessions & SCHEDULE

  • Year-round (After School & Saturdays)
  • Summer School (OSSD Credit 4 Weeks)
  • Summer School (4 Weeks Boot Camp)

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