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Admissions Process

The admission process at THINNOX is easy and seeks to establish a strong partnership between our knowledgeable admissions counsellors, the student and parent right from the start.


Step 1: Complete a Statement of Interest

The process begins with a Statement of Interest (SOI) which you complete online. In the statement of interest online form you provide the following details:

    • Your specific area of academic interest.
    • Your past education and other experiences relevant to the successful completion of the TED immersion OSSD program.
    • What you hope to achieve in the TED Immersion OSSD program; and
    • Why the TED immersion OSSD program is the best option for you to pursue your interests?

Please keep your responses to above questions short, not exceeding 50 words.


Step 2: Try Out Session

Following the Statement of Interest our admission counsellors will reach out to you and invite you for a try-out session. During the Try-Out session you will get the opportunity to attend classes, participate in school activities, interact with instructors and staff and get a taste of the TED foundation projects after school. You also get to learn about out methodology, review the facilities, and amenities.


Step 3: Admissions Discussion

Upon completion of the try-out session when you are ready to enroll, the next step is an admissions discussion between the student, his/her parent and the guidance team comprising the Guidance and counsellor and the Principal.

This meeting allows us to explore the student's academic needs, interests, and goals and helps us assess how we can work together towards the student's success.

The meeting helps you to determine the most suitable learning path, understand course options and determine IEPs as needed. During this process we start laying the foundation for a learning framework personalized to the student's needs, opportunities, strengths and goals. Based on what is usually accomplished during this meeting, it would be fair to say that this is the most important step in your admissions process.

To schedule an interview, please call an Admissions Counsellor at 905-608-8446. or email registration@thinnox.com. For a more effective discussion you are requested to bring the following documents:

    • Ontario Student Transcript containing information from the past 12 months. If one is not available, please bring a Credit Counseling Summary or a student's most recent report card.
    • IEP (Individual Education Plan) if your child has one.


Step 4: Registration and Orientation

Upon completion of the admissions discussion, you are able to register either through our online registration system, or by dropping a paper copy of the registration form. Submitting your registration form initiates the process of scheduling a start date and course selection.

After registration, you will receive an email confirming your enrolment and welcoming you to THINNOX. This email will include all of the details you will need to prepare for your first day, which is the day of Orientation

During the orientation process you complete learning assessments, get introduced to peers and instructors in a relaxed setting and you further develop your learning paths. Our experienced and friendly admissions team are always available to help you through the process from your very first steps to your first day at school.


Step 5: Course Selection

Sometime during the first week of your start you complete the final step in the admissions process with a follow-up meeting with the Guidance Counsellor. During this follow-up meeting you refer back to the learning framework that you initiated during earlier steps and advance the process by making course selections for the academic year in alignment with your personalized learning framework. You also select the TED Foundation project to supplement your choices in elective and core subjects.

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