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Admission Options

THINNOX offers regular & part-time credit courses in all STEM areas. Students taking regular & part-time courses use the trademark THINNOXmethodology and are entitled to many of the unique features that stands the THINNOX experience out from the rest. Regular & part-time students take the STEMimmersion programming enhanced with cutting edge STEM projects integral to the program delivery. Regular & part-time students have access to on-demand Guidance Counselling and they are able to add career electives to their respective learning paths as they go through the experience.

Regular & part-time course are offered in private and semi-private formats, during the day, during evening hours and weekends. Regular & part-time courses are offered also during summer.

If you are taking a regular or part time course at THINNOX and have applied to university our Guidance counsellor will work with you to seek out your OUAC reference number so that your marks are updated. The regular & part-time course application form will require you to provide your OUAC reference number along with the full course name and code, and will require you to indicate if you are choosing the OAUC 101 or 105 process for university application.

For students taking courses in the Second Semester our Guidance counsellors will update your OUAC account three times during your part time or regular course. First to indicate that you are enrolled, second to provide your midterm mark, and lastly with your final mark. After each update, you will be requested to check your OUAC account to ensure that the academic data is accurate.

It is our responsibility to ensure that the course selection information and results will be transmitted to OUAC in compliance with the deadlines for Spring and Summer. Your midterm and final marks will be submitted within one week of receipt of your marks, ensuring that all deadline requirements are met. Our guidance counsellors will submit your marks directly to the universities you specify as well as to OUAC after mid-July.

If you have any questions, please email registration@thinnox.com

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