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University and College Preparation

THINNOX provides immersion courses in Technology, Engineering & Design (TED) areas like no other educational institution in the GTA.

The Grade 11 and 12 programs at the THINNOX Academy support both university and college paths and help students make informed choices of electives best aligned with their respective long term TED career goals and interests.

Guidance counsellors work with professional resume builders in helping students develop cutting edge resumes so that they are ahead of the game in college / university or as they enter the job market. Guidance counsellors in association with instructors help students develop impactful portfolios. They also help students scout and achieve meaningful internships aligned with their respective career goals.

Credits provided by THINNOX Academy are universally accepted and highly respected, and our students have gone on to attend top universities in their fields of choice. The unique 4 year TED immersion provided by THINNOX not only gives our students an unmatched edge (both, in terms of practical achievement and community-service) when it comes to securing admissions to first-choice programs in the best universities and colleges across the province and the country, it also makes them ready for the local and global workforce.

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