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THINNOX strongly encourages International students to use the robust Homestay network available in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA region). In a Homestay you will live with a family and receive meals as part of the program price. Homestay is a highly recommended approach to get the maximum returns as an International Student by way of getting home cooked meals, improving language skills and learning about the Canadian culture along with the following other benefits.


Experiencing Local Customs and Family Traditions

in the form of birthdays, holidays, social and cultural events, and general interactions in families. Students integrate faster by learning the way local families communicate with one another, greet each other or share meals. All of these things vary by culture, but may be missed in general societal settings alone. Living in a local home gives the student endless opportunities to explore family traditions of a nation.


Becoming Culture Smart.

Living with a host family allows you to get faster, better more efficient answers to important questions like - how to get from point A to point B, where to sit and not sit, what clothing is appropriate for a particular setting. Not only do host families have experience in answering the questions of foreigners, if they have hosted guests previously, they also provide a warm, loving environment for asking important questions you may not feel comfortable asking anyone else.


Getting 24X7 ESL Practice:

In cases where the host family may not speak the native language of the International Student fluently,homestay families provide safe, secure, embarrassment-free 24X7 learning environments to try out new words or sharpen your skills at the English language.


Becoming a Local Fast:

Participating in typical weekend or evening activities right along with your host family allows the international student to fully live life like a local. Cook your favorite dish, trying out a native game, watching a local TV show or enjoying a pastime along with a local family brings a whole new dimension to the living the life of an international student.


Getting a Home Away From Home: Staying in a homestay with a host family

can become one of the biggest reasons for the International Student to feel at home in a foreign country, combat feelings of homesickness gain a "native family" and visit Canada again and again.

Homestay arrangements are required for students who are not living with family while in Canada. At The Thinnox School, we do not run our own Homestay program, but have listed a few local companies our students have worked with in the past.

Visit the above homestay links to learn more about the fees and application process.

If you need further assistance contact our International Guidance Office. THINNOX provides bussing to all students from the Homestays to the Campus at an additional fee.

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